Connected by Cellnex

Cellnex Telecom has equipped the Hadid Tower in Milan with the GSM, UMTS, LTE and LTE + communications system for structures and high-rise buildings with the aim of providing multi-operator mobile connectivity to the entire infrastructure.

The Hadid Tower, headquarters of the Generali Group and one of the three skyscrapers of the CityLife project in Milan, has 42 floors and 3 underground floors, that entail a technological challenge when deploying a network that offers mobile connectivity throughout the building.

The technical solution implemented by Cellnex works to provide mobile connectivity for the four operators that operate in Italy, even in movements within the elevators of the building, which reach speeds of 7 m/s.

Users will have a reliable broadband Internet connection in all areas of the skyscraper regardless of their mobile operator. In addition, the launched network is compatible with 2G, 3G and 4G technologies and is ready to adapt to 5G technologies.

Cellnex has designed the solution from scratch, and will manage and carry out the maintenance of the infrastructure deployed in Hadid Tower.

Giovanni Curione, Sales Director for CellNO Italia MNOs made statements to Cellnex Trends which explained that “thanks to this facility, the two thousand employees of the Generali group and their guests can simultaneously call, connect and share messages, photos and videos using their smartphones with guaranteed access to a stable and reliable broadband network”.

Piercarlo Giannattasio, Director of Cellnex DAS & Small Cells Business Unit also stated that “this operation represents a further step forward for Cellnex in reinforcing activities related to DAS and Small Cells applications in Europe, acknowledged as the future trend of telecommunications”.

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