Driving success by cultivating an inclusive culture

At Cellnex we continue to stride firmly forward in our ambition to maximise the value of the company thanks to the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Policy.

While we know that there is still much to achieve and improve, when we look back and see how much progress has been made in the last year, we are delighted. We know we’re heading in the right direction.

At Cellnex we have grown and evolved exponentially in recent years and we are keenly aware that promoting Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) through inclusive leadership is vital for employee well-being and to promote more sustainable growth.

That’s why EDI is embedded in our business strategy. Thanks to the rising importance of our ESG Master Plan 2021-2025, we have a sound, holistic plan to address the various challenges facing us. Fostering our talent, being diverse and inclusive, is one of the strategic pillars.

At the People department, we are active agents of change in the strategy and implementation of EDI through culture, leadership and talent. One reflection of its significance was the third consecutive EDI Week held this year at Cellnex. This is an internal event that aims to disseminate and highlight the most significant aspects of EDI through talks and workshops organised over an entire week.

For five days we were able to gain greater insight into how the world of investment sees EDI and understand the reason behind their increasing importance; seeing projects developed at Cellnex in which functional inclusion is fostered through innovation; learning about our EDI plan; attending a variety of workshops to boost career development for women, understand how diversity drives business performance and identify behaviours that bolster inclusion; and sharing best EDI practices.

We have taken positive steps and made progress from a number of perspectives:

Leadership. Our entire Senior Management team, along with the Managing Directors in every Cellnex country, have again led the way and signed our EDI manifesto once more. They have also provided personal testimonies about the importance of EDI, demonstrating the Group’s clear determination to foster an environment of diversity and multiple ways of thinking, equal opportunities, non-discrimination and inclusion.

This commitment is also embodied in specific goals in this regard that are shared by our Management, both in their short-term objectives and in long-term retention plans.

Fostering shared responsibility is the cornerstone of progress in EDI, so we have continued to strengthen and expand the role of the EDI “Champion”, with Champions not only in the countries, but also in each of the areas where we are working (gender, generational, emotional/sexual, functional and cultural), as well as attraction and selection.

Outside-in, developing our employer brand, implementing blind CVs, taking part in an Innodiversity index to be able to develop it, participating in the UN Target Gender Equality initiative and being partners in Technovation Girls, making our contribution to inspire girls and young women to become leaders and innovators.

Dissemination and awareness-raising, organising regular EDI days, conducting fortnightly workshops that are open to all 2,708 people in the organisation, running cultural learning sessions, taking part in the “Proud to be Proud” campaign, launching the Connecting Circle pilot focused on the emotional/sexual area and holding the third edition of EDI week.

Driving development, participating in women’s development programmes, creating an internal women’s development programme, taking part in development projects for young people, as well as creating internal initiatives, such as the Young Talent Programme and the Graduate Programme, launching mentoring plans and measuring the diversity of our Talent Pool, among other actions.

Our firm commitment and pragmatic approach are empowering us to make our vision a reality, creating positive, tangible, measurable impact.

We are also very excited about a programme that we have just unveiled, focusing on Inclusive Leadership, with the participation of the entire organisation.

We are at the beginning of a long journey, which we are convinced will continue to yield results that generate tangible benefits, for both our people and our business.


Arantza Caja

Global Head of Talent Management

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