Joining forces for digital inclusion

The COVID-19 crisis and the widespread lockdown have underscored more than ever how vital it is for everyone to have access to a good connectivity and digital tools such as computers or mobile devices. The lack of these elements only accentuates the isolation and sense of exclusion of people in difficulty.

To reduce this digital divide and minimise the health, economic and social impact of the Covid-19, Cellnex has set up several collaborative projects in the countries where it operates under the project “Cellnex’s Covid-19 Relief Initiative”, a fund of 10 million euros, 5 million of which is earmarked for medical research and 5 million for social action projects, especially focused on the most fragile and exposed groups and people, and to facilitate digital inclusion.

In France, the company will work with Emmaüs Connect over the next two years to promote the digital inclusion of the most vulnerable groups.

This partnership, which includes financial, human and material support, also provides specific actions such as the organization of 100 workshops to teach the basics of computers, tablets or smartphones; setting up 100 hotlines for connection assistance; supporting 100 beneficiaries around an educational course; and participation in the opening of a new reception centre.

In addition, the Group’s employees in France can participate in volunteering and mentoring activities in which they can share their skills with the people supported by Emmaüs Connect.

In words of Vincent Cuvillier, CEO of Cellnex France: “For us, this is a real long-term business project; a way for us to work humbly in favour of digital inclusion.”

For Guillaume Alexandre Collin, President of Emmaüs Connect: “Cellnex France’s support for Emmaüs Connect is essential and foundational. It will make it possible to roll out new actions to help reduce digital exclusion in France, such as collecting and distributing materials to the most vulnerable, holding hundreds of initiation workshops or creating new educational paths.”

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