New commercial agreement in France

Cellnex France and Arteria, a subsidiary of RTE (Réseau de transport d’électricité), signed an agreement for the use and marketing 200 telecommunications towers.

Cellnex France continues to strengthen the company’s position as an independent telecommunications infrastructure operator in all regions and territories of the “Hexagon”.

The teams led by Vincent Cuvillier —Cellnex France— and Patrick Larradet —Arteria— signed a collaboration agreement, for an initial period of 10 years, to work together on France digital planning according to the “New Deal mobile” signed in 2018 by the French public authorities and operators devised to ensure better coverage of the entire French territory.

To this end, both companies agreed that Cellnex can use and market 200 telecommunications towers property of the RTE Group subsidiary, as well as more than 600 land holdings on which new locations could be located.

According to Vincent Cuvillier, general director of Cellnex France, “as was already the case with the collaboration signed in 2017 with the company SANEF, this framework contract with Arteria reaffirms Cellnex’s desire to take root in the territories”.

For Patrick Larradet, CEO of Arteria, “this framework contract with Cellnex is long-term and is compatible with our wish to provide solutions for digital development thanks to the presence of RTE in the country. Arteria will continue to market its own offers to operators, but the agreement signed with Cellnex aims to broaden our offers. In fact, the contract as drawn up allows us to benefit from the internationally acknowledged expertise of Cellnex’s teams. All of which guarantees our current and future operational clients optimal support and at no additional cost”.

Cellnex France currently own 9,500 sites deployed throughout France, including Iliad‘s 5,700 sites incorporated at the end of December 2019. The portfolio of assets transferred by Arteria (200 telecommunications towers and more than 600 land holdings) will allow Cellnex to strengthen and increase its presence in the regions.

Likewise, the 600 land holdings included in the framework contract may be urbanized at a reasonable price, thus facilitating the deployment of new sites for operators, which will be added to the 4,300 new sites planned by Cellnex in areas of high density in the coming years.

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