New partner in the Netherlands

Cellnex Netherlands and SPIE sign an agreement to develop “neutral host” infrastructures in the Netherlands.

Approximately 80% of UMTS / LTE traffic (3G / 4G) is generated within a building. In the Netherlands about 50% of buildings have insufficient coverage. Improving this coverage is one of the objectives in the agreement signed by Cellnex Netherlands and SPIE, the European leader in technical services linked to energy and communications. In the Netherlands, SPIE is one of the top 3 providers of technical services nationwide.

Thanks to this agreement, both companies will work to jointly develop the “neutral host” telecommunications infrastructures in the Netherlands, offering Antenna Distributed Systems (DAS) solutions that also include a very profitable OPEX model for potential customers who decide to deploy it in their buildings and facilities. This solution substantially improves indoor coverage. Both companies are convinced of the potential of this service in a market where cooperation is key.

Ed Boerema, Cellnex Netherlands Country Manager, stated that “the collaboration agreement is part of the objective of expanding our services in the Netherlands” and has highlighted the importance of “the complementarity of both companies” in this regard. On his part, Kees Verlaan, director of ICT Services at SPIE Nederland B.V., recalled that “SPIE is the market leader in the Netherlands in DAS systems carrying out the role of systems integrator in this kind of process“.

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