Quality is vital in a connectivity service

Deutsche Telekom certifies for the third year in a row Cellnex España as “Zero Outage Supplier”.

This certification is part of a Deutsche Telekom Group worldwide programme for selecting and certifying their key connectivity service suppliers in each country, to act jointly as “partners” in improving the service to their end customer.

The program sets the quality standards of the German company for its clients based on operational excellence, safety and stability of the systems, monitoring of critical components and the reduction / resolution of incidents with 24/7 availability (24 hours a day, 7 days a week), by its key suppliers.

The Deutsche Telekom Group in Spain has approved Cellnex for its quality standards on end-to-end management of the connectivity service for data transmission.

Albert Cuatrecasas, CEO of Cellnex Spain emphasizes “this approval as a Zero Outage Supplier by Deutsche Telekom – for the third year in a row – is extremely significant, since its standards are very exacting and the prestige of this programme within the sector is very high”. For Cuatrecasas, “this is further acknowledgement, for the third consecutive year, of a job well done by the company’s commercial, engineering, deployment and surveillance teams of the connectivity services (link and fibre)”.

Cellnex is a Deutsche Telekom supplier since 2015 and provides connectivity services to T-Systems. This company, part of the Deutsche Telekom Group, has been in charge of carrying out the Cellnex España certification process based on the criteria set by the parent company at an international level.

The Deutsche Telekom Group has a total of 63 supplier companies certified as “Zero Outage Supplier” worldwide.

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