Securitas Direct extends its IoT service contract with Cellnex

Securitas Direct extended its IoT (Internet of Things) service contract with Cellnex for the next 15 years in Spain and Portugal.

While Cellnex intends to expand the capacity of the IoT network in Spain with Sigfox and extend its coverage to Portugal, Securitas Direct expects an increase in the typology and number of devices connected to the Cellnex and Sigfox IoT network. This way Securitas Direct can keep its ATN network exclusively, expanding its size, coverage and capabilities to continue developing innovative solutions.

Thanks to the new capacity of the IoT network, new features such as the transmission of images and the sending of audio messages will be added to the service. In addition, Sigfox coverage will be extended to Portugal, becoming the network operator in both countries.

The contract has been signed for a global period of 15 years, in which Securitas Direct intends to expand and diversify the typology of devices and services that will be connected to the network in the coming years.

The General Director of Cellnex Spain, Albert Cuatrecasas, explains that “there are already more than 2 million devices connected to IoT with Sigfox in Spain, which provide security services, remote monitoring of energy consumption, water telemetry and energy efficiency, among others“. Now they extend the coverage to Portugal by gradually increasing the number of devices connected to the networks of both countries.

On the other hand, the Director of Technology of Securitas Direct, Cristina Rivas, shows full confidence for their commitment in IoT networks such as Sigfox, as they allow the company to offer a better service with unique anti-inhibition capabilities and much more differential features than networks of traditional operators.

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