Using the data behind the image to improve customer experience

Today CCTV video surveillance systems are used mainly for recording. The images captured are saved so that they can be accessed in case they are needed for security reasons.

The engineers from Cellnex’s Smart & IoT division have been working hard to go one step further and have developed a new analytical video solution that uses technology and Big data to interpret the data behind any image captured by a camera.

Taking advantage of the existing video surveillance infrastructure, this new solution provides business intelligence to the manager, allowing a 360º view of the location –shopping centres, shops, sports venues, airports, ports, hospitals, roads, or car parks– and therefore improve the user experience, even in real time.

Information can be extracted from an analysis of the video to allow real-time decisions to be taken based on the data obtained. For example, knowing the number of visitors and their movements makes it possible to optimise internal processes and have access to information that can be used to offer new and/or better services for customers.

This analytical video solution makes it possible to analyse footfall in a given area, monitor queues more efficiently, track cargo or assets to optimise unloading, analyse vehicle traffic flows or even check the safety distances between individuals, among many other features.

All of this aims to improve the user experience in any of these venues. For example, simple but necessary tasks like adapting the maintenance and cleanliness of toilets according to the number of people who have used them, emptying litter bins on time and when required, and even adjusting the air conditioning automatically in accordance with the number of visitors by using information and indicators that can be extracted by applying intelligence to the data behind the images.

Over time, the solution will even allow data to be fed to Big Data and detect behaviour patterns to facilitate the automation of internal management processes, with the consequent reduced costs and improved efficiencies.

This shows how Cellnex’s video analytics solution can make use of the cameras currently used for video surveillance for security reasons to go one step further and extract data that can then be used to make real-time decisions to provide better quality customer service.

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