Volunteering at Cellnex Telecom

At Cellnex we are proud to have a volunteer programme that goes back many years. The charity projects organised and managed early on by volunteers and Cellnex employees, past and present, have grown just as the company has. Currently the volunteer programme is part of the Cellnex Foundation, which pilots initiatives linked to Cellnex’s know-how in three fields: education, training and mentoring; employability and access to technology.

One of our main projects, Youth Challenge Cellnex, was designed for two purposes: to reduce drop-out rates among youth who have already experienced school failure and to increase the employability of young people through training.

The programme seeks to motivate and support students during their training, provide them with technical skills through practical workshops on innovation and technology and, by combining work experience placement and vocational training, supplement curricular skills and promote entry to the job market. These activities, mainly carried out by Cellnex volunteers, are taught in public Vocational Training Institutes, located in disadvantaged areas.

In 2020-2021 the Spanish and Italian programme registered over 135 volunteers, 469 students and more than 3000 hours of training. Feedback was very positive from volunteers and students alike. The 2021-2022 school year has already seen the launch of a new edition in Spain, Italy and France.

In Portugal, nine mentoring sessions and collaboration from 20 Cellnex Portugal volunteers have been key to developing a specific project to promote access to employment among youth aged 18 to 30 from low-income families and with poor educational attainment.

But in this challenging year our volunteers have done so much, from helping mitigate the social fallout COVID-19 to sending assistance to the island of La Palma after the eruption of Cumbre Vieja.

And that is why this December for International Volunteer Day, the company wants to celebrate the first Cellnex Volunteer Day in recognition of all its volunteers’ effort and commitment, and to encourage all employees take part in this work.


Àngels Ucero 

Cellnex Foundation Director

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